Major Sponsors of the
10th Annual RTTH 
The Tenth Annual Run to the Heartland
was a great success.  

Beautiful weather, great food, great vendors, great acts and great bands.

Thank you to all those that attended!
Run to the Heartland to take Hiatus to Restructure

Press Release
Contact: 863-381-6467

After 10 years one of Highlands Counties Largest Events is taking a Hiatus to restructure and look at their options for the future of the event. “The Board of Directors has had several very serious discussions over the past 7 months.” explains Marketing Director Lora Todd. “The increase in City of Sebring Event fees has impacted our budget drastically. Last year the city fees were $6,908.00, between the fees, climbing insurance premiums and additional city required equipment cost, that takes a huge chunk of our budget. In a community were businesses are struggling, sponsorships are harder to come by.” said Todd. The Heartland Rider’s is now and always has been a Volunteer Organization. “There is a serious misconception that we get paid for what we do, when in fact no one associated with the HRA has every made a dime off this event. We do this because we thought it was good for the community and it was being held at a time of year that many businesses were in need of an economic boost. We are a not-for-profit corporation, a 501(c)(6) and consist of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that have a deep sense of community and appreciation for riding.” describes Todd. “You don’t have to ride a motorcycle, but most of us do. The local motorcycle community has always shown up in numbers to show their support and love having an event so close to home and the visitors enjoy our quaint little town atmosphere. We have always done our best to accommodate and cooperate with those from near and far and appreciate them for all they have done in the past. We still have a lot of ideas on the table but it will all boil down to the budget and cooperation of others.” Said Todd

For more information please call 863-381-6467